Coffee Capsules: 3 Reasons To Buy The Big Pack

Posted on: 20 August 2021

Capsule coffee makers are now quite common, and for good reason. This method of brewing coffee is so convenient. All you have to do is pop a capsule in, push a few buttons, and let the coffee brew. Of course, to make coffee from capsules, you do need to keep the capsules on-hand. Some people just like to buy a small package of coffee capsules each time they go to the grocery store. However, if you see a larger box of capsules — perhaps one that contains about 60 capsules — it's generally worth buying. Here are some reasons to buy the big pack.

The coffee is often cheaper in the long run.

If you compare the per-unit price of the coffee capsules in a small package versus a large package, those that come in a larger package will often be cheaper. For instance, you might pay $6 for a package of 12 coffee pods, but $20 for a package of 60 coffee pods. The package of 12 costs you 50 cents per pod, but the package of 60 only costs you 33 cents per pod. If you're going to go through the same number of pods anyways, then you might as well buy more at once for the cheaper price.

There's less packaging involved.

The less waste you create at home, the better, right? When you buy one large box of coffee pods, you only have one large, 60-count cardboard box to put in the recycling. Overall, this is less waste than you'd have if you were to buy six smaller, 10-count boxes. Yes, the boxes would be smaller, but they'd add up to more cardboard. Buying the larger box means less work for the recycling pickup crew and for the actual recycling company.

You're less likely to run out.

Waking up to find you don't have any coffee is a real bummer. If you buy a small pack with only enough coffee to last until the next time you shop, but then you end up shopping later than intended, you'll run out. When you buy a big pack, you only have to remember to buy more coffee now and then, so you're less likely to run out.

Buy your coffee pods in larger quantities. You'll benefit, the recycling company will benefit, and the coffee will still taste great. Once you find a coffee you love, you might as well keep buying it. Contact a company like Boss Brew Coffee Shop to learn more.