Three Ways To Get More People Into Your Sports Bar This Summer

Posted on: 14 June 2017

If you own a big sports bar and you want to draw in bigger crowds this summer, then you have to think outside the box. You're competing with other sports bars, and also with people who might not want to sit inside during the nice weather. So, this means that you need to offer people something that they won't find elsewhere. This can be a combination of higher quality food, better drink promotions, as well as more games to watch. That said, here are a few ideas:

Multiple Screens, Multiple Games

Sometimes there are multiple games on at the same time. In a small sports bar where there is only room for one large flatscreen, then only one game can be shown. But since you operate a large sports bar, you have the opportunity to showcase multiple games. There are fans of out of state teams who might not want to watch the local team. With multiple screens, you can showcase more than one ballgame. Also, there are also different sports. You might want to air a soccer match at the same time that a baseball game is going on. The primary game (the hometown baseball game) can take precedent and have the volume on and be on the main screen, but the secondary screens can showcase other games for those people who want to watch them.

Bring In Beer Promos

A really cost effective way to get cool beer promos (as well as free swag for your bar staff and customers, i.e. t-shirts) is to bring in beer companies and have them organize promos. The beer companies can supply marketing experts (men and woman who are good at hype and crowd enthusiasm) and will often provide low-cost beer to supply to your customer base. The beer companies like participating in these events because it generates interest for them and increases brand awareness, and it's great for your restaurant because it is a low-cost way to get people in the door looking.

Food Draws The Crowd: More Than Popcorn and Wings

If you've only been serving up wings and popcorn, then you need to step up your kitchen game. Consider bringing in a chef who can design a small, yet enticing menu that would work well on game day. You don't have to go super-fancy with Michelin star food, but it would be a nice idea to offer more than wings, burgers, and typical "bar" food. You can even bring in a trained chef to work as a consultant to help your kitchen staff design a more interesting menu that includes restaurant quality bar food. Then have your managers or staff post photos of the food, as well as gameday shots to Instagram, which is a free way to increase awareness of your bar. This will help draw in people who might initially be turned off at the idea of "bar food". Remember, there are plenty of foodies who also love sports, so a good menu is a great way to convert these people into customers.

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